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Spring Tips!

The fresh air of spring is one of the best things about living in Mississippi. Blooming flowers and the bright green leaves make the state beautiful and attractive to others. But along with the gorgeous landscape come spring storms as a result of humid air mixed with the colder remnants of Pacific storms and Arctic fronts.

Unfortunately, the rapidly changing weather can lead to severe storms and can cause severe roof damage especially to commercial & residential buildings with asphalt shingles and metal roof coverings. Here are some tips for keeping your roof ready for whatever Mother Nature throws upon us. We want to be your roofing consultant and help anyway possible.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Why? To know what you are working with. The age of the roof, the condition of your pipe boots and vent coverings, and explain the importance of removing any debris pilling up in the valleys such as pine straw, leaves, and broken tree limbs. All of these things will help the quality and functionality of your roof to avoid potential water leaks. Give us a call and schedule your FREE consultation today! This will include a complete roof inspection, gutter inspection, and the peace of mind in knowing what condition your roof is in. Once this is done, we will sit down and discuss the best option for you in order to keep a reliable roof over your head.

Clean Gutter System

Have your gutters cleaned out and maintained in order for proper water flow and to prevent water back up which could lead to soffit and fascia damage and overtime other wood issues. Proper gutter slope is very important. If the slope is not enough to maintain functional water flow- it is an easy fix but could cause issues if not addressed. This will all be discussed in our free consultation.

Hail Damage

Hail Season is upon us and we have already had a few recent scares with hail storms surrounding our area. If you are to receive storm damage and need immediate attention such as a tarp in order to cover an active leak from getting much worse, we are available to do this for you 24/7. We will board up broken windows, place emergency tarps, or make temporary repairs until we have determined the extent of the damages. We will work with your insurance company from beginning to end in order to make the claim process go as smooth as possible and get your house back to normal. We have worked with almost all insurance companies and have working relationships with the local adjusters. All of our work comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty along with the best materials and labor to guarantee you top of the line services.